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Brett Eldredge Burns HOW Many Calories In An Hour?!

So Brett Eldredge sat down with GQ this month to discuss his real life diet, how he stays sane on the road and how he's consistently able to fit workouts into his extremely busy schedule. The man is dedicated, I will say that, and if you've ever been to a live show of Brett's you know he brings. the. energy. which is probably how he's able to burn 500-600 is a little over an hour on stage!

GQ: With so much travel and so many obligations, when do you find time to sneak in your workouts?

Brett Eldredge: Back home in Illinois, I have a trainer—my best friend from college—and he’s amazing. We’ll go run five miles with Edgar on country roads, and we’ll do different intervals of sprints. On the road, it can be harder, but I still do a lot of hiking with my dog. Sometimes I’ll find a gym and get a day pass. Or, if we’re in the middle of a desert, we’ll just go crazy and do random stuff—like, we bring parachutes for sprints, and jump ropes, and things like that. I’d say I train roughly five days a week.

I'm a very spontaneous person, especially on the road. I have to see different things. When I first started my career, I would always be trapped in my bubble of the tour bus, and I wouldn’t venture out as much. But I started to wonder, What am I doing with my life other than just playing a show? I needed to go see the world.

Mentally, it's a huge thing to be able to get after it in the gym. Even on days when I don't feel like I can do it, I remember that being active gives me more energy. It makes me more prepared for my show, which makes me better for everyone around me. too.

Talk to me about your diet.

Mornings are usually light: like, a smoothie with Vega protein powder. For lunch, I’m down to grill some chicken, or just try to find something with greens and not a crazy amount of carbs. Sometimes you don't have a whole lot of choices because you're in the middle of nowhere. But I keep it so that we're not overloading the carbs.

I'll do a main dinner a couple hours before the show, so I'm not feeling like I need to burp while singing. Afterwards, I usually have another shake or something. I’ve worn a FitBit or an Apple Watch on stage before, and sometimes it’ll tell me I’ve burned 500 or 600 calories in an hour and 15 minutes of singing.

The full interview can be found HERE

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