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The BEST Commercials From SBLIII

Super Bowl LIII was one of the lowest scoring games in Super Bowl history. Which made the game incredibly boring. At halftime I said the game was going to end 10-3 after a 4th quarter drive from Brady I was almost right. A field goal was kicked late to seal the deal but with how the Rams offense was running, the FG wasn't needed.

Anyway, because the game was less than stellar, I turned all my focus onto arguably the best part about Super Bowl Sunday, seeing the commercials we'll be sick of by the end of the year for the very first time. Not going to lie, not a lot to choose from this year in terms of ads. Lackluster performance all around. However, the few commercials that stood out, REALLY stood out. Let's break them down. In no particular order.

First off, we have the epic conclusion to the Bud Light "Dilly Dilly" campaign. Comedic spots surrounding a King and his love for Bud Light we released periodically in 2018 and I'll be honest, I loved them, but it was time for change. Bud Light probably sensed this and went out with a BANG by integrating GAME OF FREAKING THRONES into their ad. A win win for everyone involved except the actors in the campaign because they will no longer be receiving royalties from Bud Light. In hindsight, this was a no brainer move but in the moment, when you first saw the dragon? Incredible.

Next up, Amazon. Swinging for the fences and using star power to help, Amazon launched their "Beta Testing" campaign. They have been teasing this for some time now. It's a really good concept but, personally, I'm just here to see Harrison Ford argue with his dog about ordering a truckload of dog food. Genius bit. A standalone commercial of that actually ran sometime in the second half of the game but, alas, I cannot find it, so the full ad will have to do.

YES! Chance The Rapper and BSB in one commercial for my favorite chip brand?? You had me at hello, Doritos.

Now, this commercial kicked off the entire thing, right after the coin toss, BOOM. It was there.I was on my way out of my apartment to head to a party and this commercial stopped me dead in my tracks. Didn't leave my couch until the end of the first quarter because I was too afraid of what else I was going to miss. If you're not a Marvel fan then this probably didn't mean much to you but WOW did this get me excited for April! We already have Game of Thrones coming back and now we get Avengers too?!? April is going to be a good month.

Toy. Story. 4. I had mixed feelings when they announced this. I wasn't sure why they would continue a franchise that ended on SUCH a high note and gave everyone in my age group closure before we set off to college. I was a mess after TS3 but I accepted that my favorite Disney/Pixar movie trilogy was over and that was that. Yet here we are again, Toy Story coming circling back for one more lap to punch me right in the heart. Very excited to see how this one turns out, especially since this movie comes out so close to my birthday. This year I will be asking for tissues because I have a VERY strong feeling I'll be crying at multiple points throughout this film.

And Finally, we have the 100-Year game. I love collaborations and getting multiple celebrities to come together to create something memorable. This one might top the list because it was so good. SO many athletes. So many awesome hits and comedic moments jam packed into two minutes and reminding all of us why we love the game of football. My personal favorite moment? Tom Brady saying "hold my rings" before getting in the mix. Unbelievably cocky move that's not cemented in history but also is not historically correct since he now has six rings instead of five...

And there you have it! The completely un biased list of this years top Super Bowl commercials! I'm sure we'll get a few more gems as the year goes on and you know you can find them right here when we do! @Traceahamilton

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