Traces Of Weed Killer Found In Some Of Your Favorite Beer & Wine Brands!!!

ABC7 - According to a new report by a public interest research group, there may be weed killer in your wine and beer.
Researchers tested five wines and 15 beers. They found traces of the controversial weed killer glyphosate in most of the drinks.
That included brands like Coors Light, Miller Lite, Corona, Heineken, and Samuel Adams.
Researchers say the levels of glyphosate found are not necessarily dangerous, but are still concerning due to possible health risks.

doesn't look like Uh oh... Well I can't speak on the other brands, I'm sure they're chockfull of poison, but my guys at Miller Lite & Coors Lite? That's my beer, it has been since before college and it will continue to be my beer until another beer company pays me more money and it always will be! Besides, a little weed killer never killed anyone, just don't ask the weeds. My grandpa even said "Drinking beer with a minute traces of weed killer in it makes the hair on your chest grow." No clue if that's true, and science seems to point to the opposite happening...either way, I won't stop drinking my Miller Lite, but I might up my whiskey intake a bit, you know, to combat anything that might be in the system. It's science. @Traceahamilton



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