Airports Now Using Face Recognition Tech To Help Check Flight Status!


Not sure how to feel about this....on one hand you have the idea that FR technology is heading in this direction and pretty soon the whole world will know where everyone is and all their information attached to them at all times (some might say they're closer than you think on that already), on the other, you'll save a lot of paper not printing out tickets and instead having people use their own face as a passport/identification but where does it stop? That's the scary question and one I do not have an answer to. Luckily this is still in China and hasn't made it's way into American airports yet, but when it does? Oh buddy, it's either gonna make airport life a lot easier or a MILLION times more difficult...I, for one, would be okay with this tech never reaching American soil, but we both know there's a slim chance of that happening. - @Traceahamilton



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