WINE LOVERS: Drinking A Bottle A Week Is As Bad As Smoking TEN Cigarettes..

Fox 5 -Downing a bottle of wine each week is as cancer-causing as smoking five to 10 cigarettes a week, according to British researchers.

In a study published late March in the journal BMC Public Health, researchers discovered drinking a weekly bottle of wine is on the same level as smoking five cigarettes for men and 10 cigarettes for women.

The study went on to say “cigarette equivalences” were used as means to raise public awareness of the cancer risk of alcohol.


At this point what WON'T give us cancer?? Soda, cigarettes, vaping, cellphones, air pods, laptops, hell even SEX has had studies shown that doing it too much could lead to cancer. Now they're coming for our wine. At this point I think scientists are just bored and looking into things that, honestly, they shouldn't be caring about. Wine is literally fermented grapes, it's f*cking fruit! You're gonna tell me fruit gives you cancer now? Nah, I don't believe it. Drink up, winos. Stay woke and keep drinking. Or switch to beer and whiskey because zero negative side effects have come out on either of those alcohols... - @Traceahamilton



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