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Watch Blake Shelton Light A Tractor On FIRE!

Blake Shelton is at that level where he does what he wants. I can only imagine the creative meeting went something like:

Blake: I want to light something on fire.

Director: Well we are going to have a bunch of shots highlighting how beautiful this country is.

B: I need fire.

D: What about you singing to the camera in a barn?

B: A tractor.

D: You want to sing on a tractor?

B: No, a tractor needs to be lit on fire. Let's get that in the video. I'll light one on fire.

D: Uh...

B: This was a productive meeting everyone, thank you for being here. I need to go make fun of Adam Levine's hair now. See you on set!

Oh Blake. What a character. - @Traceahamilton

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