Too Soft? Apparently Dodgeball Is Now Considered "Tool Of Oppression"

SOURCE - Researchers have called dodgeball, a common sport played in US schools, a tool of “oppression.”

The game, in which two teams compete by throwing a rubber ball at each other in an attempt to “out” the others’ teammates, teaches students to dehumanize and harm their peers, according to professors from three Canadian universities in a presentation at the Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences in Vancouver last week.

The new study came about after researchers began interviewing middle school age students about physical education courses in general, but kept hearing that many hated dodgeball in particular, theWashington Post reports.

Get this study out of my face. Dodgeball is a fun game that we've all played growing up and yes, sometimes you're on the crap team and you get pummeled and sometimes you're on the winning side and you're hurling dodgeballs like a pro. It's how the game works and it's how life works. Survival of the fittest. This game, if anything, is teaching kid's life lessons. No one comes and coddles you when you get the wind knocked out of you or when you get "out" just the same way no one really cares if you lose your job. All they can say is "that sucks" and you pick yourself up off the ground and move on. No one is protecting you from pain when you grow up and it's time kid's start learning that. Maybe it will make them appreciate their home situation a little more, who knows. It's like the saying "sometimes you're the train, sometimes your the track". Same rules apply to dodgeball. Now, if some kids don't want to play, they shouldn't have to, that's fine. Go color or jump rope or something. They deserve that at least, but to say it's a "tool of oppression!?" and we should eliminate it from school because it's singling kids out who might not have that skill? Gimme a break, Canada. The same could be said about math class or spelling or reading. There's kids out there who aren't very strong at science but they can throw the shit out of a ball. Future athlete. What about the kid (me) who couldn't do math to save his life but had the voice of an angel? Future radio personality. This study is a weak argument that's probably being headed by someone who wasn't good at the game growing up. Oh also, the "new, safer" dodgeballs are basically pillows!! Remember those old school rubber kick balls? We would come home with bruises and scrapes and red welts all over our bodies when we were throwing those things around. The one's these kids have now? Should be sponsored by Serta or Mattress Firm because they're so soft. Get the hell out of here with this "study." How about we "study" on things that actually matter.



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