A Sequel Nobody Asked For...'The Shining' 2??

No the movie is not called 'The Shining 2' but is has been confirmed (not only by the preview but by multiple sources and a book of the same name) this movie is the follow up to the classic Jack Nicholson film of the 80s. I, for one, am not big on scary movies. They stress me out and they are at least partially responsible for the gray hairs I'm starting to see grow on my head. Nevertheless, the girlfriend loves them and what she says goes. So I endure. It's great to see Ewan McGregor on screen again though and the preview looks pretty decent. The downside is, quite a few other horror flicks look great in the previews but then the movie comes out and the ratings tank. Hopefully 'Doctor Sleep' goes against that pattern. We'll see. - @Traceahamilton



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