New Survey Suggests Dad Bods Are IN This Summer!

Source–A new survey found more Americans than ever think the “dad bod” is attractive, even sexy, and that it just might be the new six-pack.
The survey, conducted by Planet Fitness, found there’s an ever-increasing appreciation for and acceptance of this kind of shape in 2019, sometimes described as a cross between muscular and overweight.
The survey said the consensus was that the dad bod “exudes more sexiness and confidence now than ever before.”
Nearly four in five among both women and men believe a dad bod is a sign of a man who is confident in his own skin. …
Of the 2,217 American adults who participated in the survey, 65 percent said the dad bod is attractive, 61 percent said men with a dad bod are sexy and 51 percent think the dad bod is the new six-pack.
More than 23 million men now identify as having one, and and more men believe there’s universal acceptance of the dad bod than last year (71 percent vs. 63 percent), according to the survey.

Hell. Yes. Rejoice dad bod havers of Chicago! It's about to be* Summertime Chi and there's no better news today than this. Remember back in December after stuffing your face with holiday cookies and eggnog that you were gonna workout more as a New Year's resolution? Me too. That lasted till Valentine's Day and you stuffed your face with chocolate covered strawberries and an expensive steak dinner, then said to yourself "It's only March, I still have time to get myself in shape", then comes the wings and beer and bar visits to watch all the NCAA games and there goes a whole month. Fast forward to now and you're just thankful that June decided to be October when it comes to weather and you don't have to take your shirt off yet, well worry no more my fellow dad bods! America thinks we're physically sexier than all those beefed up hunks Hollywood throws in our faces all day long. So fear not my overweight compatriots, 2019 is the year we get to be shirtless at the beach or by the pool and know that eyes are not being scarred by our presence but rather, they might be wandering and catching a glimpse of us in all our glory. Walk shirtless confidently this summer, my friends. And if you have a dating profile, put *Dad Bod* in your header, and watch the matches roll in. Just don't get too cocky. Be respectful. Dad bod + charm and chivalry will lead to a very successful date more times than not. - @Traceahamilton



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