Brett Young Shines In New Acoustic Video For 'Catch'


"Surprise surprise, Trace is blogging about another acoustic version of a song." Hey, layoff, I like what I like and I can't help it. This one is special though. I don't know what it is but Brett Young's voice just sounds like he's in so much pain all the time. Probably the reason why his multi-platinum singles got all the way up to platinum status, because you believe the words he's singing. That's very important in country music and yet, it's something that fans don't consciously recognize. You're attached to a song for a multitude of reasons, it could be the hook, it could be that the melody is in your shower singing range, it could be the lyrics themselves but what's underneath all that is the person serenading you sending the message of "This is my experience" and if you're going through something that makes this song resonate with you, you like it. Support groups are similar, sometimes it's easier to go through something with people alongside you who know your pain. It's therapeutic. Music is truly special. I know I sound like I'm high but I'm not. Just passionate about this stuff. Anyway, this version of Brett's song 'Catch' made me appreciate it so much more. Because when you strip away the processing and the drums and the background vocals, what you essentially have left is a voice, a melody and words. It's a lot harder to sell a song to someone like that. Brett does it very well in this video. Enjoy! - @Traceahamilton



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