New Dating App Tells You Exactly How Hot You Are...Should Do Well In 2019..

SOURCE - How hot are you,exactly?
A dating app wants its users to know precisely how dateable they are in the eyes of fellow swipers — by evaluating them on the strength of their photos, then informing users of how hot they are on a scale from 1 to 5.
The transparent — and perhaps harsh — new system comes from the algorithm-driven, UK-based app,Once. And although other dating apps reportedly use algorithms that rank users behind the scenes, Once’s creator says there’s no use in protecting users’ feelings when it comes to finding a match.
“[Ranking algorithms] are the unspoken secrets of the dating industry,” Once CEO Jean Meyer tells The Post. “We know we’re doing it, we know our competition is doing it, so why not be transparent?”
Meyer says knowing one’s rank in the dating world can help users target more realistic matches — rather than having them sort through potentials they have no shot at or no interest in.

This seems like it will go over well in 2019....a dating app that keeps the 1s and 2s out of the faces of the elite 4s and 5s of the world and vice versa while simultaneously shattering the confidence of someone who thinks they're a 4 or 5 and immediately being dropped down to their appropriate group. Real smart...however the article does say that all dating apps have a similar algorithm but they hide the results from their on that point, I feel like I respect this app a whole lot more. Very in your face and certainly not for anyone with a weak ego but if you're in the dating game and you come to terms with your assigned numbering then I assume you can still do really well. Also, there's always the potential to improve your ranking...

He hopes people won’t get too bummed out by low numbers — after all, it’s a reflection on your photos, not your entire personality.

So the endgame win in this app, is to take better pictures of yourself. Guys, this means NO mirror selfies at the gym, NO group pictures where she can't tell which one you are and, for the love of GOD, no pictures of you standing by your car. You want to improve your ranking and actually impress someone? Just. F*cking. Smile. She'll learn about how big the tires on your truck are and she'll see your back tattoos and the fact that you do, indeed, workout when she actually meets you. But in order for that to happen, your face has to come across her screen first. Thank me later. - @Traceahamilton



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