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Baker Misheard "Moana" Birthday Cake Request, Instead Baked Marijuana Cake!

(CNN) - A marijuana-themed cake made this family's day in Milledgeville, Georgia -- mainly because it was a mistake.

Kensli Davis, whose favorite movie is Disney's animated tale "Moana," wanted a movie-themed cake to celebrate her 25th birthday. But when her mom called the local Dairy Queen with the order, the shop heard "marijuana" instead.

And boy, did it deliver.

Davis posted on Facebookabout the twist to her special day. "My mama called and ordered me a cake telling them how much I loved Moana. (Because really I do) Well needless to say these people thought she said marijuana. That ice cream cake was still good though," she wrote.

Dairy Queen had no comment on the mixup.

Davis told CNN that her mom's reaction was priceless: "She was hysterically laughing.

"The whole family thought it was the funniest thing ever and said it would definitely [be] a birthday to remember."As for the baker who made the mistake?"The lady who made my cake was apologetic and offered to make another one. But the first one was so good we weren't worried about it," Davis said.

Classic. I laughed so hard after reading this story. I mean, the family responded in the correct fashion. You laugh it off, take a picture of it and hope a news station picks it up. If anything, with weed being legal soon, Dairy Queen is just ahead of the curve. Also, what person who is 25 years old is ordering a Disney princess cake? That seems to be the weirdest part of the story to me. I'd like to think the DQ employee who took the call was like "No, eff that, no way did I just hear a woman request a Disney cake for a full grown woman...definitely must be high...I should make a weed cake for this girl." That, or the DQ employee was actually high...either way it made for one hell of a news story. Still laughing to myself. - @Traceahamilton

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