Woman Tells Server "This One's On God" Before Leaving Without Paying!

LAS CRUCES, N.M. — A New Mexico woman is facing charges after police say she ordered food from a Sonic and told a server, “This one’s on God,” before fleeing.
The Las Cruces Sun-News reports30-year-old Delila Hernandez was arrested Monday in a felony robbery case.
Police say Hernandez rode her bicycle to a Sonic in Las Cruces and ordered a meal. When the server asked for payment, she allegedly told him, “This one’s on God.”
Police say the server told her, “That’s not how this works,” but gave her the meal after she came toward him.
Police later found Hernandez at a nearby park.
It was not known if Hernandez had an attorney who could comment on the allegations.
Authorities say her charges may be reduced.

Scrolling through Twitter in the morning when I wake up has become quite the habit since starting full time and let me tell you, few things have made me laugh harder than reading this headline that early in the morning. Honestly, props to this woman for attempting this. If you pull that line before stealing food from anywhere, you should be able to steal it. What a response. Also, her charges should be reduced and probably dropped. She stole some food because she was hungry. From a SONIC. This isn't some $85 steak we're talking about and those employees don't work off commission I'm pretty sure (shout out the ones on rollerblades because if you still rollerblade in 2019 and you don't play hockey or work at Sonic...what are you doing?) so really no one lost here. Except sonic for, what, $8.43? You think this woman deserves jail time over less than $10? Absolutely not.

If anything, blame the Sonic employee! He gave her the food AFTER she pulled the "God will pay for this one" line! She might as well said, "hey buddy I'm gonna steal this food once you hand it to me" and the server still gave her the bag... that's on Sonic, this woman just gave fair warning, saw the opportunity and ran, literally. More power to her. - @Traceahamilton



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