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Mother Posts HATEFUL Rant About "Childless Millennials" Who Visit Disney

FOX- Geez, tell us how you really feel.

An anonymous mom’s rant about “childless” couples at Disney World — whom she claims to hate “with a BURNING PASSION” — is currently going viral on social media.

The woman’s diatribe, which was reportedly posted back in September, is now reaching an all-new audience thanks to Twitter user Bad Decision Fairy, who shared a screenshot of the mom’s angry tirade last week.


Wow. This person suuuuuuuuucks. Sounds more like she's just upset that other people get to have fun at Disney because they don't have kids while she has to drag around a "tired exhausted toddler" who probably won't even remember going there in the first place. Is that mean? I'm trying not to be mean here but c'mon lady, it's Disney World...everyone is welcome. There's nothing that says I need to have a kid to enter the gates, this isn't f*cking Chuck. E. Cheese. Hell, I have a Disney tattoo. My girlfriend and I have gone to Disney World twice in the last four years and we don't have kids. We just like to get drunk at Epcot and watch fireworks like EVERY OTHER PERSON WHO ENJOYS FUN.

I'm curious as to what her reaction would've been had I been the one in line who took the last pretzel. Would I be called out? Would I be slutshamed for my tank top and short shorts and mickey ears that my drunk self thought was a "Must buy"? Who knows. But, let's say you get up to the front of the line, Becky takes the last pretzel and you're on the're telling me you can't convince a three year old kid that there's something more appealing on that menu than a deformed Mickey bread face with salt on it? He's three...

Look, If she wanted to make an argument that people who don't have children can move faster throughout the parks, get in line quicker, probably have a bit more daily spending money because they didn't pay out the ass in admission fees, and that might not be fair, then sure, I'll follow you on that argument. Won't stop me and my no children from going to DW but I understand where you're coming from.

I remember the magic of my youth going to Disney so obviously, I'm always considerate and conscious of families with young children because I know it's tough. You're trying to make memories for your kids and it can be exhausting. I was NOT a walk in the park at the parks growing up and I understand that, as much as someone without kids can. My parents remind me CONSTANTLY of my Disney World outbursts. I get it.

HOWEVER, this mother going on to say she absolutely hates "childless WOMEN" and they shouldn't get to enjoy their freedom because they decided to not have kids (or in this case, are probably still in college and aren't thinking of children at that point in their life), that's a red flag and now you're just complaining about how your life isn't the same as hers. (Which btw, no sh*t, this "tramp" is probably like half your age...)

Here's the thing, Disney is awesome BUT it's also a headache and a half sometimes. Lines are always long, people are never as considerate or hygienic as you'd like, it's always hot and everyone is putting in the walking and waiting hours for, maybe, MAX, a half hour of total "ride time". It's ridiculous when you think about it, but that's what you sign up for when you buy the ticket. You get the good and the bad with Disney unless you have deep DEEP pockets and do the whole VIP thing which is pretty much for the 1% and celebrities. This woman complaining about Becky for taking the coveted pretzel even though she was IN LINE BEFORE YOU, and paid admission just like everyone else, that just makes you look like a hater and someone I definitely don't ever want to hangout with in public...but hey, that's just my opinion. Agree or disagree, I'm open to have a debate.

PS. Shoutout to all the moms who grind it out for their kids day after day. Truly the hardest job in the entire world and God Bless y'all. I'm sure you have been in similar situations with your children and have probably thought those same terrible irrational thoughts. But... You know what the big difference between this mother and you is? When your kid grows up, they won't be able to look back and read what horrible thoughts were in your head, because you're a responsible adult who doesn't run to a public forum with your problems. And for that, we thank you. - @Traceahamilton

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