Chicago Cop Makes Kid Do Push-Ups Instead Of Issuing A Ticket!


See, now this seems fair. No one got hurt, everyone was all smiles and this Chicago (probably more like Naperville) kid is going to wake up feeling good about himself tomorrow after having to do pushups to *allegedly* get out of a drinking ticket.

Now, we can't take what the headline says seriously but, for the sake of the blog, let's say this was the actual reason you're doing pushups in front of CPD. It's a summer evening in Chicago and WHAM, you're caught with open alcohol on Michigan Ave. A cop then gives you the option to take the ticket and pay the fine, which would involve some paperwork and a court appearance and blah blah blah, OR you can drop down and give the officer 50 pushups... What do you do? Obviously I'd take the push-ups over parting ways with my money any day of the week. Although it's a little tougher of a task to accomplish when you have a few of Chicago's finest looking on as well as God knows how many bystanders recording the whole thing. Glad he was able to make it through and there was nothing issued because, if we're being honest, the real crime here was wearing that LeBron jersey in Jordan's city. You're just asking for trouble at that point. - @Traceahamilton



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