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UPDATED: Pick Your Poison: The Battle Of Hard Seltzers Has Begun

UPDATE: There was a last minute addition to the battle after I blogged this. Four Loko just came for everyone else's throats (and livers) announcing the release of their own hard seltzer with a whopping 14%ABV!!!!!??! Are you kidding?!?! That's basically like drinking a full bottle of wine inside every Four Loko can...the closest competition in that regard is the PBR Seltzer, which boasts 8%ABV per can. That's twice as much as most domestic beers AND Bud Light Platinum. 14% is absolutely insane, and I'm not completely sold on the "Sour" taste. The last thing I want when I'm trying to get drunk is doing so by drinking, what I can only assume tastes like, liquified sour patch kids. I'll try it. Just to say I did it, but I think we'll all be much more satisfied with one of the other choices below.

"Ain't no laws when you're drinking claws."

It appears White Claw now has some real competition. The hard seltzer company had some help from the internet in dominating the market, casting aside their main competition, Truly, among other brands. HOWEVER, I don't think they were prepared for this.

Natty Light getting into the hard seltzer game??? I never would've guessed that! And branding it as Natural Light (which is pretty much water anyway) is something unheard of in this new trend. Granted, many beer distributors own smaller "hard" companies but you don't see the MillerCoors name on the can of a Henry's hard soda (which they own). So, for Natural Light to come out and put their beer brand on the side of a seltzer can is new territory. One that White Claw surely wasn't expecting (I'm guessing).

Natural Light had the spotlight for a day or two, toting hilarious flavor names and a cheaper price point that White Claw. It appeared we were about to witness a one on one battle for the rest of the summer... but then an even bigger bomb was dropped.

Boy oh BOY have the tides shifted now. PBR from the top rope! Higher alcohol content than literally ANY of the other brands but at the same PBR price?! College me would've been crying tears of joy right now. Here's the thing, I am NOT a fan of PBR, but it's hot boy summer and I'm trying to watch my figure so you know I have those hard seltzers on ice at all times.

Obviously this all comes down to taste and preference at the end of the day, but 8% ABV is no joke. Might sacrifice the taste if it'll get you drunk faster. Don't be surprised if you see me with a PBR Hard Seltzer in my hand for the rest of the summer. (Just don't take pictures, Miller Lite might get mad at me).

On second thought, Miller's your move now! I'll be waiting for my case of Miller Lite Hard Seltzer. You can send it to the studio. ;) - @Traceahamilton

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