Apparently Spider-Man Will No Longer Be Apart Of The Marvel Universe!!!


Well this sucks...

Spider Man 2: Far From Home absolutely CRUSHED at the box office this summer. It was the biggest stand alone Marvel movie to date (Not counting The Avengers obviously), Tom Holland was launched into a new stratosphere of stardom and with Disney money, the Spider-Man series was attracting quite a few A-list actors to join the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Then Sony went and cried for whatever reason and the standoff ends with Tom Holland and Spider-Man being ripped from the MCU just like a Thanos snap.

Disney should just buy Sony at this point. I don't get it. Disney is not a company you want to piss off. Sure the face of it is a smiling f*cking mouse but they are a business all about money and churning out HITS. Need I remind Sony that they had to reboot Spider-Man TWICE in like ten years because the movies were so bad??? Disney was the saving grace for that franchise and now Sony wants to play hard ball?? Gtfoh. What a sad day for Tom Holland. He's stuck as the face of a franchise and he will now have to put the entire thing on his back with NO help from Disney to try and make Spider-Man 3 something worth watching. He's a great actor but Disney was pairing him up with Kevin Feige! The man who pulled that heap of burning junk from the flames and turned it into one of Marvel's most successful franchises (in just two movies I might add). Dumb move on Sony's part.

DEADLINE -This comes at a moment when the last two films Kevin Feige produced broke all-time records — Disney’sAvengers: Endgamebecame the highest grossing film of all time, andSpider-Man: Far From Homethis week surpassed the James Bond filmSkyfallto become the all time highest grossing film for Sony Pictures.

Essentially Sony has made a decision that is similar to saying, thank you, but we think we can win the championship without Michael Jordan.

(this whole blog is me ranting, so don't fact check me, if you're a fan of the movies you get it. This is just a stupid situation and I hope Sony realizes their mistake and returns to bend the knee and kiss the ring in the coming days.)



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