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Cole Swindell Posts Blackout Pictures On IG...Something Weird Is Happening.

So, yesterday, Cole Swindell put up a very cryptic Instagram post.

Now Cole usually posts recap videos of his time on tour so when the video starts, nothing seems out of the ordinary. The caption, however just says "peace out"...

As the video continues, you realize something is different. The music starts shorting out, the picture gets fuzzy until eventually everything turns to black.

I'll be honest, I had to watch the video a few times just to make sure it wasn't my phone freaking out on me...I thought "well that was weird, maybe Cole's video guy is just working with some cool new edits. Must be an inside joke."

Then the blacked out posts followed...

I didn't make a mistake and copy and paste the same thing a few different times. Those are three separate posts from Cole that followed the confusing video.

(Also, you know you've made it when you can post a picture of literally nothing and get 5k+ likes on it. What a weird age in technology we live in).

Now if this were someone with let's say Britney Spears' track record or someone like that, I'd be a little worried that Cole has gone off the deep end. However, something tells me this is just a very clever way of teasing a new song, my guess the song is going to be called "Blackout" (just a hunch).

But until we hear from Cole again, these posts are just equal parts exciting and confusing. - @Traceahamilton

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