Teen Partially Blinded After Diet Of Only Chips, Fries, And Bread

USA TODAY - Here’s another reason to eat your veggies.
A British teen who doctors described as a “fussy eater” was partially blinded because of his diet, which consisted of nothing but fries, chips and the occasional slice of ham.
The case was reported Tuesday in the peer-reviewed Annals of Internal Medicine, the flagship journal of the American College of Physicians, and described how the boy had been treated for health problems related to his poor eating habits since he was 14.
“His diet was essentially a portion of chips from the local fish and chip shop every day. He also used to snack on crisps – Pringles – and sometimes slices of white bread and occasional slices of ham, and not really any fruit and vegetables,” Dr. Denize Atan, who treated him at the hospital, told the BBC.
His family practitioner first prescribed him injections to treat a vitamin B12 deficiency and told him to change his diet when he came in reporting “tiredness,” but the boy did not keep with the treatment, nor did he change his diet, according to the case study.
When he was 15, he started experiencing hearing loss, but MRIs showed no structural problems. Vision problems followed soon after, the case study reports.
Over the next two years, he progressively lost vision. Atan told the BBC that he met the criteria for registering as blind.


So, let me get this straight. Kid is a "fussy" eater. Won't eat any vegetables, won't take any sort of vitamins to help with his deficiency, continues to eat fried processed potatoes in different variations, complains of tiredness, ignores signs of fatigue and eyesight, then goes blind. There's no one to blame here but the kid. Maybe the parents for not putting their foot down harder, after all, the kid isn't 18 yet, which means he still (technically) needs to live by their rules. What an idiot. Hope they all learned their lesson. Listen to your doctors, folks. More times than not, they know what they're talking about.

Also this deterioration of the kids' eyesight happened in just TWO YEARS?! If a young person's body can do a nosedive like that, imagine what our own bodies are capable of doing in less time...I need to go eat an apple. You should to



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