Jason Aldean Announces New Album '9', Releases FOUR NEW SONGS!


Not one, not two, not three, but FOUR new songs and an album announcement this morning from Jason Aldean. Hell of a way to start the week. November 22nd can't get here soon enough! (I mean, it can, not looking to fast forward through fall THAT fast, but it'll definitely be something to look forward to once the temperature is in the 30s and there's snow on the ground). Let's take a listen and give a knee jerk reaction!


"We Back" I'll be honest is my least favorite of the four songs Aldean put out. Not because it's a bad song, I just think the lyrics are a bit predictable is all. Again, not a bad song, definitely will be used to kick off the live shows once the new album is released. I envision flames and a huge light show and a big build up launching into this song. It's got that potential but as an album cut, it falls a little short for me, that's all. I can't stress enough how well this will do in a live setting, some songs just sound better with blaring sound and lights accompanying it. This is one of those songs.


THIS might be my early favorite. The flow is all there, the pre-chorus has space for a build and the when the chorus hits? You can't help it. Your head just goes like this.


A very solid song, one of those that once you nail all the lyrics for the first time in a sing along, you feel all proud. I like this one.


Another song about a small town. I feel like country music today has an influx of songs talking about small towns. "Small Town Boy" "Break Up In A Small Town" "What Happens In A Small Town" "Nothing To Do Town" "Old Town Road" (LOL). Those are just off thetop of my head but you get my point. Add to that list "Keeping It Small Town". Small towns are where country music lives and breathes though, so I understand why we have so many songs with this subject in rotation but it just seems like a lot. It helps when you have Aldean's signature voice on the song though. Definitely helps.


A slow jam slow jam break up song will always get my vote. If it's not a country song about small towns, it's about heartbreak. My favorite. However, this one hits a little different than most. The first time I heard the turn of "I don't drink anymore and I don't drink any less" I was like "DAMN. He really doesn't care at the end of the day. More power to you brother, keep on drinking till you find yourself one who appreciates you." It's a bit empowering in a way. Might go grab a beer right now just because I feel like it. Solid song, definitely worth adding to the playlist as summer parties turn into tailgaters. Cheers.

Overall, Jason Aldean is BACK. We'll see him on Sept. 27th at HCA with Kane and Carly and I hope we get to hear some of these new ones live for the first time! Aldean's latest album '9' will be availble everywhere on November 22nd. - @Traceahamilton



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