If You Love Star Wars, You Should Be All In On Disney+ For THIS SHOW ALONE


As if I needed another reason to give Disney more money, this trailer certainly was the nail in the coffin for me to subscribe to their new streaming service. Bounty Hunting, badass droids, stormtroopers getting WHOOPED, it's like a movie inside every episode. Now, the content might suck...and that's why I will be hesitant to subscribe to the full year. I need to watch an episode in its entirety (and yes there will be a review) before I commit but all signs point to me having to find room in my budget for this service every year. Did you catch who's actually in this show?? First of all, it was created by Jon Favreau which, if you don't know, played a huge part in jump starting the Marvel franchise (he's been an EP on almost all the Marvel movies since Iron Man 1), not to mention has appeared in several other non-superhero films such as Elf, The Break-Up, Four Christmases, I Love You, Man, AND Wolf Of Wall Street, just to name a few. Long story short, the man knows what he's doing and I am very confident that this will be a success based on his credit alone.


You also have one of my favorite actors in the leading role, Pedro Pascal. If you're a Game Of Thrones fan, you know him as the smooth talking, sexually charged swordsman from Dorne who got his head popped like a balloon by The Mountain in a duel. Still scarred from that episode, honestly... Or you might know him as Javier Peña from the Netflix hit 'Narcos', or maybe you saw him in The Mentalist, Homeland or Graceland. Dude's been around for a while but recently has been a hot commodity in Hollywood. Another reason pointing to the success of this show.

Now, IMDB and Disney are keeping things VERY hush hush on who plays who in this new series but we do know Nick Nolte is involved, Taika Waititi and..yes you read that right...Comedian BILL BURR all have roles in The Mandalorian. I believe Disney will be releasing this show on a weekly basis as opposed to the current norm of binge watching. Very interested to see how this show, and Disney+ as a whole, play out in the coming months. - @Traceahamilton



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