Carly Pearce, Lee Brice Release Music Video For "I Hope You're Happy Now"

There's two sides to every break up. I have a feeling we've all been on both sides of this story. Everyone has been heartbroken at this point in our lives, I would hope? Not in a negative way, but I think everyone has to experience heartbreak a few times, at the very least. You learn who you are in those low moments and learn how to deal with our feelings when things don't go your way. It's not fair and it hurts and it sucks but it builds character.

Sometimes heartbreak can turn into a beautiful song to help with the healing, as we've learned from Carly Pearce and her breakout hit "Every Little Thing". I remember hearing that song for the first time and I had flashbacks of every past relationship that didn't make it. Remembering dumb little details that suddenly held more weight. It struck a chord with me and, as an artist and songwriter, that's exactly what you want. To evoke that raw emotion in whoever happens to be listening to your music. But to do it so effortlessly as Carly does? THAT is what sets her apart. She's a genuine talent.

I love watching an artist's trajectory from the beginning. I remember when Carly first came by the BIG955 studios with the Josh Abbott Band, she sat in the corner while they played until they brought her up to sing "Wasn't That Drunk" and I was like "where did SHE come from!?"

Fast forward to her debut single "Every Little Thing", she performed at one of our radio events in Aurora to maybe 30 people in a bar. But when she played her single near the end of her set, the whole energy in the room changed. That's the thing about CP, whether it's a crowd or 10 or 10,000, she can reel the audience in and let them go whenever she wants. Another trait that's absolutely needed in this genre. You gotta to have a good song but also be able to sell it.

Since that first single, she's opened tours for huge names in country music, released "Hide The Wine", a debut album, "Closer To You" (my personal favorite) and picked up two ACM noms AND a CMA nomination. Not to mention a co-headlining tour with another favorite of mine, Russell Dickerson. She's married to Michael Ray (finally) and has her sophomore album dropping on Valentine's Day. I think it's safe to say she's happy now.

As she should be, because if this duet with Lee Brice is any indication of what to expect on CP2, we're in for one hell of a follow up album. I say this all the time because it's true. It's great to see an artist finally get the recognition they deserve.

Also, can we take a second to appreciate the RANGE on Lee in this one!? Get up there, dude! Hell of a song, excited to see how high this one climbs in the coming weeks! - @Traceahamilton

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