Morgan Wallen Releases Powerful Short Film For 'Cover Me Up'

This was tough to watch. Very raw. Very real (I assume). It was a digestible look into a life of someone suffering from PTSD. I'm sure those affected have seen better days and much much worse. The love on both sides never goes away but normal isn't "normal" once you come back from combat. Which is completely understandable. The levels of stress is at a level most humans can't comprehend. I can't speak much on it as I have never served but I sure as hell respect every single man and woman who wears our flag on their arm. Selflessness and absolute bravery. Much better souls than the people they're protecting every day, if you ask me. I sure hope to someday be in a position where I can give back in a meaningful way because, damn, do these men and women deserve more than they're getting when they return home.

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