Imagine Being Broken Up With By Sugar Ray's Mark McGrath...

If you're unfamiliar with the app Cameo, it's an app that lets you pay celebrities to cut a video for you and it can be anything. Usually, it's a "happy birthday" or a "Congratulations on your engagement" something to that effect. HOWEVER, the rules say you can have your celebrity say whatever you'd like. So this Cheyenne lady decided to have Mark freaking (not his real middle name) McGrath from Sugar Ray to break up with her long distance boyfriend on her behalf. Honestly, I'm not famous, but if I was? I would cut these promos ALL DAY. Make people smile, maybe be the butt of someone's joke, but at $100 a pop? 20 videos a day, 5 days a week? Take my weekends off? Pshhh, I'd be happy with that salary. PLUS your day job? Easy money. Literally an hour of your time and you could RAKE in cash. Granted, your videos have to be in demand so a performance is necessary, BUT you could make it work. Especially if this Tik Tok culture is where we're headed. Anyway, if you want to Venmo me some cash and a script, I'll do it just to get my name out there. Always gotta be on the lookout for extra sources of income.

Back to this video, how much do you 1. Hate your (now) ex for breaking up with you like this? 2. Now hate Mark McGrath for some ricochet reason and 3. You can't go on the internet for at least a few weeks until this heat dies down.

On the other side, Mark McGrath is about to get FLOODED with requests and cash now, so good for him. Maybe this will fund a new Sugar Ray album. Who knows. - @Traceahamilton

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